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Can porcelain tiles be used outside or around the pool? Wouldn't be slippery?

Yes, the anti-slippery porcelain tiles can be used outside. We have to make sure that they passed the anti-slip tests and have a specific of DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction). Additionally, they must be rated for outside.

Today a majority of floor tiles are given an anti-slip rating. This rating comes in the form of an “R” value, which stands for “Ramp Test”.

R9: Minimal FrictionRating

R9 – Suitable for a less than 10° slope (minimal friction)

When wet, tiles will receive this low rating and are typically smooth glazed matte finish. Used in domestic bathrooms, it is recommended to use a bath mat or towel to prevent fall.

R10: Normal FrictionRating

R10 – Suitable for a 10° to 19° slope (normal friction)

Mostly consisting of glazed tiles, flooring with this rating may be used in other domestic areas besides the bathroom, such as the kitchen, living areas, and hallways.

R11: Normal FrictionRating

R11 – Suitable for a 19° to 27° slope (normal friction)

R12: High FrictionRating

R12 – Suitable for a 27° to 35° slope (high friction)

Including both glazed and unglazed tiles that have these ratings may be regarded as safe for installations of wet rooms, bath, kitchen, porches, and living areas. Examples of public areas that can use this rating of floor are communal showers, swimming pool surrounds, shopping centers, and hotel foyers. If the flooring is porcelain it is suitable for external situations.

R13: Very High FrictionRating

R13 – Suitable for slopes more than 35° (very high friction)

Tiles of this grade will be both glazed and unglazed and are acceptable flooring for all commercial and residential projects both internally and externally. These are the most common used for pool surrounds, public showers, or changing rooms.

Porcelain tiles are slip-resistant

From matte to semi-polished and gloss to textured, porcelain tiles come in different finishes. And their slip-resistance depends on how textured the surface is. For example, if you are choosing tiles around a swimming pool, you will need to choose a matte finish, providing enough slip resistance. However, textured surfaces also provide greater slip-resistance.

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